Do you know about Vermeil?

What is Vermeil? How do I take care of it? What are the benefits? What value does it have within the jewelry industry? We will guide you on a journey of discovery…

A focus on Vermeil

The Vermeil is a precious metal, cast from Silver 925/1000 coated of Gold (18K or 22K Rose or Yellow Gold). It is considered as a precious metal. The current most popular gold coating method is called electrolysis.

Adding a thin layer of gold on silver items has been a well-known technique since Antiquity. The process of folding or hammering gold is quoted in Homer's Odyssey.

The word Vermeil comes from the latin root vermis, which means cochineal and refers to the scarlet-red produced by this insect. It is popular for being a precious metal used to manufacture the Olympic Games gold medals since 1912.

Argent 925, Or 18 Karat, Vermeil


Does Vermeil have a stamp?

In France, the items marked as Vermeil must have a minimal layer of 5 microns on gold (750/1000°) and silver (950°or 800/1000°). The silver stamps define the item as Vermeil when silver is plated under these conditions.

The lifetime of a Vermeil jewelry relies on the layers of gold. The thickness of the layer will define its longevity.

The benefits of Vermeil and how do I take care of it?

Vermeil jewelries are more precious than plated items or manufactured with basic metal or a lower cost alloy such as brass. It has the benefit of being lighter than gold and less expensive while keeping its precious and shimmering aspect. As gold is being an immutable metal, plated gold strongly protect your jewelry against oxidation and rust. Therefore, minimal care is required to keep your Vermeil jewelry sparkling. You only need to gently wipe a cloth with a silver cleaning solution and your jewelry will get as shiny as the beginning.

Being silver coated with gold, 2 nonallergic metals, Vermeil does not give any allergic reaction. As its shimmering sparkle is close to perfection, it is a very interesting current option as gold's rate is increasing.

Previously forgotten for precious metals (gold, silver or platinum), it is currently becoming trendy again. It could be the perfect gift to surprise the loved ones.

Vermeil and premium gemstones 

The Vermeil jewelries are often matching precious or premium gemstones. Lively colors perfectly coupled with the golden plated shade. We will especially appreciate the earrings highlighted by the mysterious garnet's vivid color or prasiolite of oval or cushion cuts. The Vermeil rings are showing off when they are set with gems like amethyst, sky blue topaz or rose quartz. Pendants encrusted with gems are a must-have to bring out your personnality.

What is the Vermeil value in the jewelry industry?

Some designers' powers of persuasion have contributed to make Vermeil's image great again. The gold price's boom (the rate has been multiplied by five within 10 years) has been benefitial to make Vermeil trendy again. Many brands currently offers very attractive designs thanks to precious Vermeil.

Anoli Jewelry provides Vermeil creations (5 microns) with a resistant structure. Every collection offers the Vermeil option, which gives birth to durable, outstanding, and reasonnable price 18K Gold jewelries.

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