Responsible requirements from our suppliers:

Wearing beautiful jewelry should never cause harm to individuals or to the environment. Therefore, we have established our own ethics policy with the aim to exclusively collaborate with suppliers who are sharing our moral codes.

We manufacture the entirety of our jewelry in our own workshops. Regarding our precious and fine stones' supply, we collaborate with suppliers who we have first audited to ensure that they share our values in terms of human rights and responsibility towards their work ethics procedure.

We value the traceability and knowledge of our gems’ provenance from mining to final transformation. For that reason, we exclusively collaborate with companies who assure their supply of raw materials and conduct the majority of mineral processing internally. This allows us to maximize transparency and visibility over the production chain and guarantees a reliable ethical line.

We can consequently guarantee that:

Our colored gemstones come from mines designated as « official ».
Official documents related to commercial exchanges of raw materials from our suppliers remain permanently accessible in order to avoid any association with illegal deposits acting without an official mining licence who are, for the most part, acting adopting practices which show little concern for the environment and human rights.

Our company condemns any form of abusive exploitation.
Our transparency ethic implemented within our network of collaborators allows us to protect ourselves from any form of modern slavery or child exploitation.

Our diamonds do not come from a conflict region.
Our diamond dealers partners have all signed the Kimberly Process charter. Therefore, they commit to exclusively work with diamonds which are not from any conflict area.

We actively work on maintaining transparency through our network to guarantee our clients, ethic supplies in order to offer quality jewelry, which are qualified as aesthetic and moral.