Take care of your jewelry

Your jewelry need to be handled with great care to preserve their beauty and brilliance over time.

Not wearing your jewelry today? Keep them separately to avoid any bump or scratch. We recommend to store your jewelry in their pouch or in a separated drawer of a jewel box. Chains need to be locked, wrapped and laid flat to prevent any formation of knots.

When wearing your jewelry, we recommend to avoid any bumps which could impair their quality. We advise taking them off when swimming in the pool, at the beach, doing contact sports, cooking or gardening. Also avoid contact with cosmetic products or household chemicals, as they contain agents capable of affecting your jewelry.

We advise taking off your rings when washing your hands or doing any manual activites.

Check the condition of your jewelry on a regular basis, with a particular focus on clasps but also on set stones to ensure they are perfectly framed.

Most jewelry can be cleaned: frequently immerse your jewelry in a bowl of warm and soapy water (neutral PH soap). Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry. Remove item from soapy water, rinse it thoroughly with warm clear water, and dry it with a soft polishing cloth. This can be done easily and quickly to preserve the luminous radiance of your jewelry.

Your jewelry can tarnish or be scratched over time, gold can be repolished to regain your jewerly  initial shine. White Gold must also be rhodium-plated, which means covered with a layer of rhodium that ressurects its color and sparkle

Here's a hint to people living in humid and hot regions :

Rose Gold can oxidize in humid and hot regions, like in the Carribean. This is reflected in little brown spots on the surface. No worries, it can quickly disappear. Your jeweller can easily take them off, but here is a simple and efficient grandma recipe:

Immerse your jewelry in a warm bowl water in which you previously melted two tablespoons of coarse sea salt and added little balls of aluminium. The spots will disappear like magic within few minutes of soaking!

Remove item from salty water, dry it thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth for a perfect result.