Rose Quartz: characteristics, virtues and meanings

The rose quartz characteristics, its origin, its virtues and how do I take care of it? Learn all about this wonderful cotton-sweet gem belonging to the quartz family.

The story of this pale pink gem

Once upon a time, there was a pretty rose gem belonging to the quartz family. In the Antiquity, rose quartz was already famous for divine purpose, such as medicine or as royal jewelry. Rose quartz was discovered during archaeological digs. Nowadays, rose quartz is still used in many fields such as lithotherapy, jewelry or watchmaking...

Rose Quartz: Characteristics

Let's begin with a deep dive into the nature of this rose pink gem.

Rose Quartz belongs to the quartz family such as the amethyst (purple quartz), the citrine (yellow quartz), quartz crystal (colorless quartz), prasiolite (green quartz), smoky quartz (brown quartz), chalcedony (blue quartz) or ametrine (bicolor quartz...purple and yellow).

Nowadays, the rose quartz characteristics are renowned thanks to gemology (science conducting researches on gems).

On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the gem is rated 7/10, its color originates from substances such as manganese, aluminum, titanium or phosphorus. It is characterized by a density of about 2,65, the crystal structure is trigonal, its pleochroism is low and does not display fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation.

Star rose quartz

The asterism in the rose quartz is very rare and desired. Theses 6 branches star are caused by the presence of tiny inclusions of oriented rutiles. When reflecting on top of it, the light is creating this star floating and dancing aspect on its surface.

Quartz rose étoilé

Star Rose Quartz Cabochon

Rose quartz: Origins

The origin of rose quartz is a long story. Indeed, this incredible pink stone needs more than millions of years to become itself. There are several existing mines where these gems are extracted: the most popular ones are located in Brazil and Madagascar but there are also present in France or in the US.

Quartz rose pierre bruteRaw rose quartz

The raw rose quartz could come under many sizes, from little fragments to very heavy ones. They are cut, then polished to provide the little treasures we love so much.

Rose quartz: Virtues

The rose quartz virtues are related to the idea of peace, tenderness and love. As a good consoler, it would heal emotional wounds and increase self-confidence.

This gem calms and reassure, it increases empathy and sensitivity to open up with others and soften your heart in order to let joy and love come in.

Rose quartz: Meaning

Rose quartz has many meanings such as conciliation, love, tenderness and peace. These symbols are coming from popular beliefs since the ancient times but also from the pastel pink and its soft sparkle.

In astrology, rose quartz is related to the Taurus and the Libra signs. However, this gem could also have a large impact on many other zodiac signs.

To learn more about birthstones and gems relation to zodiac signs, we recommend you to read our amazing article explaining all there is to know about birthstones

Rose quartz: How to choose

First of all, you need to check if the rose quartz has no craks in which the pink color would appear in darker shades… if it is the case, it means that the gem has been artificially dyed. You also need to be careful about too many inclusions which would weaken the stone. The most beautiful rose quartz are translucent or even transparent and have this soft and uniform color but also a cotton effect, proof of a meticulous polish.

Rose quartz: Some advices

Silver and White Gold are dazzling companions to enhance our fabulous rose quartz, however, at Anoli's, we would rather combine it with Rose Gold or plated Rose Gold. The contrast looks less intense and the final result is more feminine. You can also associate other gems which could perfectly match, such as the blue chalcedony. These two share the same intensity of color and lighting. The result will be harmonious. Another option would be with Smoked Quartz for a special chic finish or a Blue Topaz or even a Prasiolite...

BIJOUX QUARTZ ROSE: PROPRIÉTÉS, VERTUS ET SIGNIFICATIONChoose your best fit: Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Smoked Quartz, Topaz, Prasiolite

Rose quartz: Price

The price depends on the gem's quality. Good quality rose quartz are rare, and therefore more expensive than darker stones or others full of inclusions. However, the rose quartz price is very affordable, which is not qualifying it as less noble. Rose quartz is often used in high jewelry framed with diamonds and other precious stones.

Rose quartz: Care

Taking care of rose quartz is very simple, you only need to get a soft toothbrush, a bit of soap, or dishwashing liquid or toothpaste. Rinse the stone with lukewarm water then use the toothbrush to gently apply the solution and brush some soap on the surface. Then rinse it again with clear water and gently dry with a clean cloth.

Rose quartz is not "difficult", you only need to clean it from time to time in order to get maximum happiness with it forever. Its color will never change. You can possibly polish it if its sparkle tarnishes with time but it is very uncommon, once every 30 years would be enough.

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