Lucky Stone for Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign and is governed by Mercury.

The Virgo Zodiac sign is linked to people born between the 23rd of august and the 22th of September. Virgos are often depicted as quiet and thoughtful people, that may tend to be critical.

Which is the Virgo’s lucky charm stone? What’s their lucky stone, and how are those stones echoing traits of their own personality ? Discover the qualities and flaws of the Virgo sign, as well as its lucky stones charm.

Virgo’s strengths

The astrological sign of Virgo is linked to the feminine polarity, and it is the third sign of summer. People born under the Virgo sign are portrayed as reasoned, calm, down-to-earth and modest.

Virgo will never seek to engage in a debate or argument, but will keep calm and prove justice through reasoned and logical arguments.

The Earth sign is someone organized and rigorous. Thoughtful of every detail, it will be for instance an excellent host, and will always be loyal and devoted to its beloved ones. Devoted, Virgos know how to give without counting for their loved ones, and are thus a reliable person to rely on.

Virgo’s weaknesses

Behind this apparent perfectionism, Virgo's modesty often hides a great shyness and lack of self-confidence. To protect themselves and protect others, Virgos can then use critics and be easily angry.

This taste for organization also induces sometimes a rigid, frustrated, and stubborn character. Virgo people can be reluctant to change their habits if they are uncomfortable, and if things have not been done according to their rules.

In love, this translates into a great fear of rejection and a modest and reserved appearance.

The Virgo’s Lucky Charm Stone

The Virgo’s Lucky Charm Stone is the carnelian. Carnelian is an orange-red stone of the red chalcedony family, and is mainly used in jewelry.

Carnelian owes its color to hematite inclusions. The main deposits of carnelian are found in Brazil, Uruguay and India.

Carnelian is known to have medicinal properties, mostly for reproductive organs. For women, carnelians could soothe the pain associated with menstrual cycles and promote fertility, and for men, it could boost reproduction as well. It is a stone associated with many virtues, including better blood circulation and energy that would eliminate toxins.

Carnelian would protect the Virgos by helping them going out of their comfort zone and their rigorous organizational skills. It would also soothe their frustrations and boost their energy.

The Virgo’s protective stone

The Virgo zodiac sign is associated to many other stones.

First, jasper would have the vertue to help Virgos develop their self esteem and build their confidence. It would help them position amongst others, and find an inner balance.

Lapis lazuli is also associated to Virgos as it would help them develop their oral communication, and overcome their shyness. Indigo blue or ultramarine blue, sometimes speckled, lapis lazuli is reputed to restore self-confidence and bring fullness and inner peace.

Finally, citrine would protect the Virgo by bringing joy, concentration and energy. This stone of yellow-orange, golden yellow or orange-brown color has always been considered as a good luck charm, and was already used against the evil eye in Ancient Greece.


The astrological sign of Virgo is one of those endearing, complex but benevolent signs that the lucky or protective stones take care to preserve and boost.

Obviously, each Virgo is unique and shares similarities with the other natives of the sign with a certain degree of difference. However, the sign's lucky stone and protective stones may echo many natives of the Virgo according to their personality and character traits and accompany them in their lives to protect and comfort them.

Obviously, the choice of a birthstone, lucky charm stone or protective stone also depends on the affinity of each one with the properties of the stone.

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