What is a birth stone?

The Birthstones story takes us back to Antiquity. It is based on the 12 gems which were decorating the plastron of Aaron the priest, Moses' brother and guardian of the most magical object in Antiquity's history, the Ark of the Covenant…

Deeply anchored in the popular beliefs, these gems were associated with different signs from the zodiac. This tradition has changed and the zodiac signs have been replaced by months of the year during the creation of the first calendar in 1752, creating the concept of birthstone.

At that time, the gems' classification only relied on the color. Later, new gems' discovery brought disruption with the creation of an official list for birthstone which was published in 1912 by the American Gem Society.

Wearing your birthstone could bring you blessings, health, love, good fortune according to ancestral beliefs and popular culture. Once, it was very common to wear different stones each month. During middle-age, people were convinced that the gem' strength was increasing during its related month.

Nowadays, choosing a birthstone as a gift is a special symbol to celebrate one's birthday

Do you want to discover your stone, or your zodiac sign's one?

Months and birthstones.

Since the official publishment in 1912 by the American Gem Society, other gemstones have been added to the list:

    • In 1952, the alexandrite, the citrine, the tourmaline and the zircon.
    • In 2002, the tanzanite
    • And lately, in July 2016, the spinel.
Pierre de naissance janvier

January Birthstone
The Garnet

January birthstone is represented by the garnet but also the tsavorite. The garnet is combined with love and strength. This gem can turn into every color, the most popular is the red blood or the green range that we call tsavorite. This stone has the vertue to bring you the feeling of well-being , to push away nervousness and to fill you with energy. Also related to love, it embodies passion and is a perfect Valentine day's gift...

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February Birthstone
The Amethyst

The February birthstone is represented by the Amethyst. This gem has calming virtues. With purple shade, the amethyst is also called the bishop gemstone as the Pope wears one on his band. It links the human to the divine universe. It is related to positive energy and was used to prevent from drunkenness during antiquity by drinking into glasses sculpted into this gem.

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March Birthstone
The Aquamarine and the Bloodstone

March birthstone is represented by the aqua-marine. It symbolizes elegance and refinement. Often related to love, to a better future and to good health. It boosts loyalty and a happy life with your lover. This birthstone also belongs to the sailors, it would bring protection during their journey on the high seas.

Pierre de naissance avril

April Birthstone
The Diamond

April birthstone is represented by the diamond. This legendary precious gemstone is the embodiment of eternity, perfection, purity strength, stability and strength. Its name comes from Greek "adamas" which stands for inflexibility, indomitable and unshakable. During the middle age, the symbolic was so strong that noblemen created a special cure called diamond powder.

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Pierre de naissance mai

May Birthstone
The Emerald

May birthstone is represented by the emerald. It was queen Cleopatra's favorite gem as its beauty would bring eternal youth to the owner during this era. It currently symbolizes fertility and loyalty. This prestigious gem combines gentleness and strength.

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Pierre de naissance juin

June Birthstone
Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

June birthstone is represented by the pearl…this organic gem is related to a feminine divinity: Venus. According to the the Greek mythology, this goddess embodies great beauty and sensuality. She is also a symbol of chastity and humility who brings happiness and longevity to marriages.

The Alexandrite is a chameleon gem, "beautiful both day and night", it is a magic stone which switches color according to the lighting. Under natural light, incredible shades of green, and sweet strawberry ruby red under artificial light. Embodiment of justice, power and wisdom. It empowers you with self-confidence.

The Moonstone is also related to June. It symbolizes innocence, faith and purity.

Pierre de naissance juillet

July Birthstone
The Ruby

July birthstone is represented by the ruby. The iconic stone for love and passion. It is commonly gifted for wedding anniversary or as an engagement ring. Moreover, it is a proof of greatness and peace. It gives balance, courage, enthusiasm, energy, strength and willingness.

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August Birthstone
Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx

August Birthstone is represented by the peridot. This shinning stone is perfect for a new couple's gift. It is renowned for being the "love at first sight" stone. Cupidon himself used a peridot as his arrowhead to captivate his victims. Wearing this stone could pull away depression or negative vibes. Queen Cleopatra was also wearing the peridot. A marvelous timeless stone...

The spinel has more recently been combined to August and represents power and strength.

Pierre de naissance septembre

September Birthstone
The Sapphire

September birthstone is represented by the sapphire. This gem offers timeless elegance. According to a legend, wearing sapphire could bring wisdom. The precious stone also ensures dignity, loyalty and strength. It is considered as a symbol of immortality and purity.

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October Birthstone
The Tourmaline and the Opal

October birthstone is represented by the tourmaline. This gem can turn into every color, however it is often known under a pale pink shade. The tourmaline is considered as the stone of creativity. It calms the emotional mindset but also protect the heart with anxiety.

October is also related to the opal. This gem has an intense and vivid color. It could also bring luck and magic. Like the tourmaline, the opal is also related to hope and protection.

Pierre de naissance novembre

November Birthstone
The Topaz and the Citrine

November birthstone is represented by the topaz. It would protect your mental health and boost your spirit. In the past, merchants liked to wear this gem. Indeed, the topaz has been well-known for ages for its positive energy. It would bring successful business, but also luck in love or friendships. Also related to glory and prosperity, kings and queens were often wearing it.

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Pierre de naissance décembre

December Birthstone
Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

To close the year, December birthstone is a tanzanite. It has the virtue of pushing danger away, increase digestion and improve blood circulation. Wearing it could boost your lovelife or a peaceful friendship. It could also bring you good fortune.

The blue zircon and the turquoise are also related to December. The Zircon symbolizes spirit elevation and wisdom, when the turquoise is all about fortune, success and protection. It could bring happiness and peace.

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Which stone is matching my zodiac sign?

It is also very common to believe that gems could be connected to the zodiac signs instead of the birth's month as they are classified under an ordinary calendar. Many lists are available but the most reliable one is issued from the ancient Indian culture. A popular classification for coupling zodiac signs and gemstones is presented below:

 Signe du belier Signe du Taureau Signe du Gémeaux
Aries Taurus Gemini
21st March - 19th April 20th April - 20th May 21st May - 20th June
The Bloodstone The Sapphire The Agate
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Signe du Cancer Signe du lion Signe de la vierge
Cancer Leo Virgo
21st June - 22nd July 23th July - 23th August 24th August - 22nd September
The Emerald The Onyx The Carnelian
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Signe de la balance Signe du scorpion Signe du sagittaire
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
23th September - 22nd October 23th October - 21st November 22nd November- 21st December
The Peridot The Aquamarine The Topaz
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Signe du capricorne Signe du verseau signe du poisson
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
22nd December - 19th January 20th December - 19th February 20th February - 20th March
The Ruby The Garnet The Amethyst
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This list has therefore a lot in common by associating gemstones to birth's months. In both cases, the aim is to match the symbolic beliefs and the gems' benefits to one's personality or sensitivity.


Don't misunderstand us, it is not a magic trick. Even though the gems' benefits are based on legends, myths, or popular beliefs, the idea is to create a peaceful and calm environment. It should provide you the same feeling as admiring a beautiful inspirational landscape, a piece of art, to comfort us or to bring us positive vibes...

Have you ever visited a remote country? Aren't those shimmering landscapes unforgettable? Our environment has an impact on our behaviours and emotions… With their vivid colors, gemstones can also have the same effect on us.

It is therefore very positive to choose a gem according to your personal belief, feeling and inspiration.

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