The Sagittarius lucky charm' stone

The Sagittarius' element is fire and is related to Jupiter star

Which is the most suitable matching stone with Sagittarius? For which reasons? Are there others?

Like many other signs, Sagittarius has a well-defined personality with its strengths and weaknesses… Of course, it could depend of its gender and of personal experiences but we can still notice some unique features between people who were born between the 23th November and the 21st December...

Which is the Sagittarius lucky charm' stone?

Craving for freedom and a natural happy person, the Sagittarius is open-minded and is an honest person. They are both impulsive and sensitive, which sometimes show a lack of tact and practicality. The Sagittarius are usually avoiding loneliness and are running away from engagements or weddings.

The Sagittarius stone is represented by the Topaz. It is associated with luck and brings happiness and health to the ones wearing it. It boosts communication and relationships then stimulates the mind and ideally increase intellectual activities.

Topaze la pierre porte chance du sagittaire

Turquoise is also a positive stone for Sagittarius, a real asset to perfect eloquence and behave peacefully.

The Amethyst could develop motivation and willingness. This gorgeous purple stone helps with mental peace, focus and remedy to multiple distractions.

The Blue Sapphire could facilitate communication, in particular with a focus on personal feelings… it increases intuition, honesty and loyalty. As one of the most appreciated stone, it perfectly matches with the Sagittarius who are known as dreamy dissipated individuals by bringing them patient behaviors...

The Sagittarius lucky charm' stone

It is interesting to compensate some weaknesses with some "protective" gems in order to compensate Sagittarius weaknesses. Here are some examples:

The Garnet symbolizes energy and perseverance. It boosts self-confidence.

The Red Jasper would be supporting projects to become real, it could give clear vision and a sense of reality.

The Citrine could help with focusing and eliminate mental fatigue.


Don't misunderstand us, it is not a magic trick. Even though the gems' benefits are based on legends, myths, or popular beliefs, the idea is to create a peaceful and calming environment. It should provide you the same feeling as admiring a beautiful inspirational landscape, a piece of art, to comfort us or to bring us positive vibes...

Have you ever visited a remote country? Aren't those shimmering landscapes unforgettable? Our environment has an impact on our behaviours and emotions… With their vivid colors, gemstones can also have the same effect on us.

It is therefore very positive to choose a gem according to your personal belief, feeling and inspiration.

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