Double Halo ring - Gold

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Each of our gems are natural and supplied accordingly to our Ethics Chart. They are carefully selected in order to offer the best gems' assortment at the highest quality to our customers

*The gems' origin can differ, these informations are for guidance only.
This rare precious stone is the embodiment of wisdom and patience, its blueish deep and intense green remind us of our mother nature. Our Emeralds are mostly Zambian and could lightly appear with inclusions which enhance the legendary and mysterious color of this incredible gem.
Blue Sapphire
Appearing in mythological tales, the blue Sapphire is one of the most desired precious stone from the corundum family. This incredible stone has sublimated the sovereigns' outfit forever across the world. We carefully select this precious stone by naked-eye but also the most valued color tone named as "Cornflower". This divine color exclusively comes from Sri-Lanka. This island is internationally recognized for the quality of their gems.
Pink Sapphire
The Pink Sapphire is a precious stone from the corundum family. This shimmering gem is very well valued nowadays and is often used on very elegant and feminine jewelry. We carefully select each of them by naked-eye and we have a preference with a light and tender color called "Baby pink". Our gems come from Sri-Lanka but also from Madagascar or Tanzania.
Discovered by the Masaï below the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Tanzanite exists in this only part of the world in a very limited quantity. This gem is from the zoisite family which is more uncommon than the diamond and showcases exquisite colors from ultramarine to sapphire blue. Our criterias of selection are based on a flawless purity but also rely on an intense blue shaded with a touch of purple.
Used for thousand years in jewelry, the garnet is a noble gem. Its intense and deep red brings confidence and strength. Sometimes appearing with light inclusions, our high quality gems showcase a dazzling red blood color distinctive from the Mozambique mines.
Rhodolite Garnet
Valued for its unique color, the Rhodolite is an iconic gem from the garnet family. Originating from Mozambique, we offer premium quality gems combining purity and gorgeous colors, mixing intense crimson and purple.
Elegant and noble, the amethyst embodies wisdom and humility. We only provide you with Zambian crystals for their intense and deep colors. Sometimes appearing with light inclusions, these incredible fine purple gems belong to the quartz family and will bring you a clear mind and serenity.


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Handcrafted engagement ring, cast from 18k Rose, Yellow or White Gold. This spectacular jewelry is set with high quality precious or natural premium gemstones, shimmered by two rounds of diamonds, bringing you blazing elegance. Carefully wrapped and delivered with a certificate of authenticity, this is a ring that any woman would love to wear forever!

Gem Weight 1.50 carat 
Gem Size 7 mm Round
Diamond-paved 1 carat
Diamonds Quality G-H / VS2-SI1
Gold Weight 4.50 gr

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