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Each of our gems are natural and supplied accordingly to our Ethics Chart. They are carefully selected in order to offer the best gems' assortment at the highest quality to our customers

*The gems' origin can differ, these informations are for guidance only.
Rose Quartz
As its name suggests, it is a crystal from the quartz family. Originating from Brazil or Madagascar, the softness of the rose quartz conveys peace and tenderness… An intimate gem which comforts and reassures.
Elegant and noble, the amethyst embodies wisdom and humility. We only provide you with Zambian crystals for their intense and deep colors. Sometimes appearing with light inclusions, these incredible fine purple gems belong to the quartz family and will bring you a clear mind and serenity.
The citrine is a gem of warm colors for jewelry lovers… this gem is from the quartz family and symbolizes happiness and vibrant energy. We particularly enjoy citrine from Brazil which combines purity and golden reflection.
As a blue silver gem, the chalcedony brings a peaceful mind and spirit… Originating from Brazil, this gem is from the quartz family and perfectly matches with rose quartz to highlight their tenderness.
Used for thousand years in jewelry, the garnet is a noble gem. Its intense and deep red brings confidence and strength. Sometimes appearing with light inclusions, our high quality gems showcase a dazzling red blood color distinctive from the Mozambique mines.
Bright, delicate and soft, this bright green gem is from the quartz family and is perfect for the pastels' lovers. Symbol of prosperity, this pure crystal from Brazil will sublimate your allure.
Smoky Quartz
The depth of this smoked brown color quartz embodies simplicity and power. Originating from Brazil, this fascinating and mysterious gem could help us to connect our body to our mind in order to keep balance and health.
Sky Blue Topaz
Its blue color and its bright intensity offer the topaz the luminescence of a summer sky. This Brazilian gem brings a clear mind and creativity... 


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Rhodium Silver or 18K Gold Vermeil bracelet, set on a chain, adorned with a beautiful cabochon of natural premium gemstone of oval appearance. This delicate jewelry, elegant and refined can be worn on a daily basis bringing you allure and chic or stacked for a modern and colorful style! A creative piece, carefully wrapped, it will be delivered in a pouch, with a certificate of authenticity.

Gem Weight 4.50 carat
Gem Size 9 x 11 mm Oval
Silver Weight 1.45 gr
Gold Plated 5 microns
Also available in 18K Gold →


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