The Aries lucky charm' stone

The Aries' element is fire and is related to Mars

Which is the most suitable matching stone with Aries? For which reasons? Are there others?

Like many other signs, Aries has a well-defined personality with its strengths and weaknesses… Of course, it could depend of its gender and of personal experiences but we can still notice some unique features between people who were born between the 21st March and the 20th April...

Which is the Aries lucky charm' stone?

Energetic, independent, smart, a go-getter with high self-confidence which allows this sign to confront anyone.

Aries usually have a strong personality, they might be overbearing and have an impressive work-ethic. They are faithful in love, sometimes even jealous and suspicious…Aries are also known for their sense of honor and friendship.

The Aries lucky charm' stone will be in osmosis with their personality and will contribute to their fulfillment…

Aries' weaknesses

Their impulsivity could lead to unreasonable acts. They are quite bossy and could confuse independency, selfishness, freedom and indifference...

To balance Aries' harmony, it could be interesting for this sign to carry protective stones

The Aries lucky charm' stone

Bloodstone, also called " Heliotrope", is related to Aries.This gem with hematite inclusions is associated with strength and prosperity. Bloodstone improves relationships and push open-mindness towards others.

pierre porte bonheur belier la bloodstone

In addition to bloodstone, Carnelian symbolizes luck and happiness and hold virtues with creativity and dynamism.

The Aquamarine also pushes for creativity, especially when Aries are ambitious and like to compete.

Aries protective' stone

Holding protective stones could also be useful to the Aries to compensate signs of weaknesses:

The Lapis-Lazuli hold virtues to unblock your emotions. Get better relationships and increase sympathy and kindness.

The Citrine symbolizes fortune, prosperity and success. It relieves from anger and strong personality.

The Rose Quartz, a symbol of tenderness, could boost confidence towards others and push for forgiveness, which would lead to a more peaceful mind.


Don't misunderstand us, it is not a magic trick. Even though the gems' benefits are based on legends, myths, or popular beliefs, the idea is to create a peaceful and calming environment. It should provide you the same feeling as admiring a beautiful inspirational landscape, a piece of art, to comfort us or to bring us positive vibes...

Have you ever visited a remote country? Aren't those shimmering landscapes unforgettable? Our environment has an impact on our behaviours and emotions… With their vivid colors, gemstones can also have the same effect on us.

It is therefore very positive to choose a gem according to your personal belief, feeling and inspiration.

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