The Aquarius lucky charm' stone

The Aquarius' element is air and is related to Uranus star

Which is the most suitable matching stone with Aquarius? For which reasons? Are there others?

Like many other signs, Aquarius has a well-defined personality with its strengths and weaknesses… Of course, it could depend of its gender and of personal experiences but we can still notice some unique features between people who were born between the 21st January and the 19th February...

The Aquarius' attributes

Aquarius are audacious, creative and eccentric. Famous for contrarian thinking and independence. Indeed, this sign of air, enjoys intellectual activities and is appreciated for innovative ideas.

Sometimes lacking of tact, the Aquarius is usually honest and will not hesitate to proclaim it. Truth is the only way. Without wishing any harm, Aquarius could sometimes be seen as arrogant and offensive.

The Aquarius lucky charm' stone is therefore in osmosis with their personality and will encourage their blossoming…

The Aquarius' weaknesses

The excessive self-confidence and extreme feelings could be breakdowns for the Aquarius. They are represented as intense persona, which is sometimes difficult for others to approach them. They are fully aware of their gifts and strengths, however, these could reinforce their arrogant posture.

The Aquarius can sometimes be indifferent or insensitive.

That is why some "protective" gems are very interesting in order to compensate with their weaknesses and encourage harmony.

The Aquarius lucky charm' stone

The Aquarius' stone is the Garnet. This gem has the ability to help crossing difficult situations in order to gain experience from them. Garnet has the power to free from negative behaviors and help fighting breakdown, depression, hopelessness, and change of moods.

Pierre porte bonheur du verseau

The Rose Quartz, is also associated to Aquarius and would have the ability to stimulate creativity but mostly develop sensitivity and gentleness.

The Lapis-lazuli is the best gem to stimulate the intellectual acumen and creativity. It enhances communication.

The Aquarius protective stone

In addition to the main stones related to the aquarius, it is important to compensate their weaknesses with other lucky charm' stones:

The Citrine symbolizes prosperity and success, then relieves from anger, which makes it the perfect stone according to the Aquarius' needs.

The Turquoise is also considered as a protective stone and has the power to develop capacity of communication to drive certain type of messages. Moreover, it encourages positive relationships, boosts generosity and noble feelings…

The Carnelian calms an angry personality. It adapts to introverted people and drives happiness, a very important aspect for Aquarius…


Don't misunderstand us, it is not a magic trick. Even though the gems' benefits are based on legends, myths, or popular beliefs, the idea is to create a peaceful and calming environment. It should provide you the same feeling as admiring a beautiful inspirational landscape, a piece of art, to comfort us or to bring us positive vibes...

Have you ever visited a remote country? Aren't those shimmering landscapes unforgettable? Our environment has an impact on our behaviours and emotions… With their vivid colors, gemstones can also have the same effect on us.

It is therefore very positive to choose a gem according to your personal belief, feeling and inspiration.

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