The Capricorn lucky charm' stone

The Capricorn' element is fire and is related to Jupiter star

Which is the most suitable matching stone with Capricorn? For which reasons? Are there others?

Like many other signs, Capricorn has a well-defined personality with its strengths and weaknesses… Of course, it could depend of its gender and of personal experiences but we can still notice some unique features between people who were born between the 22nd December and the 20th January...

The Capricorn lucky charm' stone

The Capricorn is all about peace, loyalty and sincerity… They usually cares a lot about their own safety. Like a Taurus and a Virgo, this sign is very well organized and appreciates order both in their professional and private life. The perfect self-control can help this sign become a charismatic leader as long as she/he grows within a defined structure

The Capricorn lucky charm' stone is represented by the ruby. A symbol of courage and loyalty, this majestic gem is very rare and could increase help-confidence and perseverance to stimulate creativity and push the Capricorn to overcome difficulties through professional projects or daily life.

La pierre capricorne est le rubis

In addition to the Ruby, two other gems are particularly appealing to reinforce a Capricorn's personality. The Emerald and the Chalcedony are supporting harmonious and balance in life, especially love life.

The Capricorn protection' stone

Holding protective stones could also be useful to the Capricorn to compensate signs of weaknesses:

The Aquamarine has the ability to develop creativity, bring joy and happiness and most importantly: love…

The Rose quartz is related to self-confidence and symbolizes calm and comfort.

Finally, the Amethyst is appreciated for elevating one's spirituality, it decreases anxiety and anger.


Don't misunderstand us, it is not a magic trick. Even though the gems' benefits are based on legends, myths, or popular beliefs, the idea is to create a peaceful and calming environment. It should provide you the same feeling as admiring a beautiful inspirational landscape, a piece of art, to comfort us or to bring us positive vibes...

Have you ever visited a remote country? Aren't those shimmering landscapes unforgettable? Our environment has an impact on our behaviours and emotions… With their vivid colors, gemstones can also have the same effect on us.

It is therefore very positive to choose a gem according to your personal belief, feeling and inspiration.

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